James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 13:19:33 -0800

>Let's see, Pokemon appears to be on the downslide, and so far, it
>looks like Gundam might take it's place. Gundam Wing, in fact, has
>had ratings that have actually jumped beyond Pokemon, and also


> But anyway, critical opinion aside, I think if Bandai plays it's
>cards right, it will have a massive moneymaker on it's hands not
>only in Japan but in America as well.
> Any thoughts?

It is certainly looking that way. Just yesterday as I was walking in
my neigborhood, the local beanie baby/hello
kitty/pokemon/digimon/japanese candy store removed all that stuff
from it's display window and replaced it a huge assortment of SD
gundam kits.

And earlier this week at the japanese bookstore I saw two 6 year olds
ask their dad for a gundam book. He pulled out the newtype 100% Zeta
character book, but the kids said they already knew all the
characters and chose the Zeta mechanical book instead. (ah, future
U.C. nerds in embryo, but I suppose it's more likely that they didn't
realize it wasn't wing)

But preschoolers aren't Gundam's audience are they?


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