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>That gives us two MS platoons on Earth. We know from Gundam 0083 that Burning,
>Monsha, Bait and Adel were part of the "Immortal 4th Platoon" but we don't know

In the dub, they are called "The Immortal Fourth Team", and by your accounting, I'm assuming you meant team and not platoon.

>if that was a Terrestrial or a Space unit. If it was the latter, we can posit
>four MS Platoons, two on Earth and two in Space.
>So, if Gundam follows the Marine pattern, we have an MS Team of five troopers,
>with three MS to be piloted and a hovertruck with a crew of two. Three such
>Teams make a squad with nine MS and three hovertrucks, six a Platoon with 18 MS
>and six hovertrucks. Two such Platoons is a force of 36 MS and 12 hovertrucks.
>How does that square with observed forces in 08th MS Team and Gundam 0079?

Well, looking at White Base, you have a team of 3 MSes (the Gundam, and a Guncannon and Guntank or two Guncannons, depending on which version you look at and which time in that series). Added to this is two fighters, piloted by Sayla and Sleggar. So, that would be 5 troops, matching your numbers. I'm not sure about other teams in the OYW. In 0083, Burning's unit originally consisted of 5 pilots (including himself), 2 of which were killed when Gato stole Unit 2. Then, while Burning was recovering from his injuries, three pilots were brought in bringing them back to 5 active pilots. Once Burning recovered, they were overstrength with an extra pilot (Burning). I haven't seen enough of other Gundam tv series to know about the numbers in those.

So far, most of what I've seen matches your thoughts, although Blue Destiny is somewhat off, with only 3 pilots and Maureen as the only main characters on the team. Of course, I only have the first part compilation done by Mixx.


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