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Dafydd writes,

>By this reckoning, the 08th MS Team is indeed a Team, not a Platoon,
>although it and the other MS teams (presumably 07 through 12, six
>5-trooper teams, in two squads of three teams, 07 through 09 and 10
>through 12) were part of the 2nd MS Platoon.

  Wrong model, Dafydd, wrong model. Look up sample figures for tank
platoons/companies/battalions and you'll get machine headcounts almost
identical to those of mobile suit formations.

  The same goes for airplane formations; in Japanese, the terminology for
flights, squadrons, and groups is identical to that for platoons,
companies, and battalions.

   Despite the official translation, the 08th MS Team is in fact a
platoon ("dai-08 MS shotai"), and its number of mobile suits is
appropriate for a tank platoon. Note that the Kojima Battalion includes
some anti-MS infantry platoons mixed in with the mobile suit teams, and
their headcount is presumably analogous to that of a marine platoon.

>How does that square with observed forces in 08th MS Team and Gundam 0079?

  Well, the Kojima Battalion is made up of two MS companies, each with
four platoons (AKA "teams") of three mobile suits apiece. There's also an
anti-MS infantry company (with four platoons) and a small headquarters
company. In total, that's 24 mobile suits - the low end of the scale for
a battalion.

  The heavy air support called in for the attack on Ginias's base
presumably belongs to some other Southeast Asian force, e.g. the Kojima
Battalion's parent division.

-- Mark

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