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 I was going through some of my references the other day when I happened on an
item by a Marine colonel who'd commanded some 3,500 Marines in Vietnam. This
item also noted that the Marines were organized into 114 platoons.

That reminded me of discussions we'd had here on the size of platoons and such,
so I read further. It seems that a Vietnam era Marine platoon was 30 to 35
troopers and consisted of two squads of 15 troopers each. (The extra 1 to 5
troopers, when present, were command officers or specialized personnel) Each
squad was then divided into teams of 3 to 5 troopers.

By this reckoning, the 08th MS Team is indeed a Team, not a Platoon, although it
and the other MS teams (presumably 07 through 12, six 5-trooper teams, in two
squads of three teams, 07 through 09 and 10 through 12) were part of the 2nd MS
Platoon. The 1st MS Platoon is implied by the numbering, since it would consist
of Teams 01 through 06.

That gives us two MS platoons on Earth. We know from Gundam 0083 that Burning,
Monsha, Bait and Adel were part of the "Immortal 4th Platoon" but we don't know
if that was a Terrestrial or a Space unit. If it was the latter, we can posit
four MS Platoons, two on Earth and two in Space.

So, if Gundam follows the Marine pattern, we have an MS Team of five troopers,
with three MS to be piloted and a hovertruck with a crew of two. Three such
Teams make a squad with nine MS and three hovertrucks, six a Platoon with 18 MS
and six hovertrucks. Two such Platoons is a force of 36 MS and 12 hovertrucks.

How does that square with observed forces in 08th MS Team and Gundam 0079?


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