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>> Core wonders,
>> I really hate both UNT Spacy (Macross) and EFSF. I
>> don't like "SF" because that's only one of the
>> forces, using the US system, there sould than be
>> EFAF (air force), EFN (navy), EFA (army), EFM
>> (marines) and other smaller forces. So for example,

>> the 08 MS Team should be grouped under EFA.
> Absolutely. You'll note that the Medea transport
> plane that shows up in Gundam 0080 is actually
> labeled "UNT Airforce," but by 0083 they'd just
> started slapping the Spacy label on everything, no
> matter how inappropriate.

As a retrocon, in Dreamcast's "Gundam Side Story 0079:
Rise From the Ashes" video game, the Feds' Army in
Australia and its "White Dingo" MS Team are labelled
as "E.F. Army". If this game and its nomenclature were
adopted right from the start of Gundam saga...


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