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>Now that I've written one post, I might as well add one more:
>My copy of Gundam Archive arrived yesterday (I love it). I noticed the
>acronym E.F.S.F. appeared on one of the page headings but (I think) not in
>the linearts. Which prompted me to ask what was the origin of this
>acronym? I am sorry this has surely been answered before somewhere in the
>GML archive, but let's beat the old horse again :-)

        I got my MG Alex the other day -- ya! -- and is still studying the
manual.. School's opening, so it's tough. =)

        Anyway, I was wondering why I cannot recall any of the builders here
mentioning the following explanation for the acronyms...

        ALEX = Armour Layered EXamination.
        U.N.T. = Under Normal Tactical
        SPACY = SPecial Assortment Construction Yard
        U.N.T.S. = United Nations Tactical Spacey
        CHOBAM = Ceramics Hybrid Outer-shelled Blowup Act-on Material

        As you can see, some of these were previously mentioned on the list,
and most don't really make sense. I had a good time with some of these..

        I wonder. How official does the list view information in MG Manuals?

        BTW, I accidentally picked up the chinese translation of the 0080
novel by Kyosuke Yuki. The translator, going by the handle Yoko, had a very
interesting theory on how to bash 0080 back into continunity. Since chinese
isn't my primary language, it's a bit slow going translating it into
english, so it may be some time before I post it.

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