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I've had a couple of horror stories dealing with eBay seller, and I've
learned something very important: deadbeat sellers are a ((low)) priority
at eBay. It takes a near-miracle to get eBay to suspend a seller, and
sellers will often just drop thier eBay accounts rather than deal angry
customers. Here are a couple things I learned:

You've got 30 days to resolve the auction, period. After that, eBay
considers it history, and you may not be able to leave any feedback at all.

If you think the seller is changing addresses on you, always look up
whatever addresses or usernames you know are associated with them under
Search:Seller, usernames and addresses are cross-referenced. Also, it's a
good idea to telephone them (there's a User Information request form on
eBay), and see if it's a business number. Knowing the name of thier
reallife business can be helpful later on.

If there's very recent negative (or even neutral) feedback on the seller's
account, email all of them with details if the seller's putting you off.
Nothing, I mean NOTHING worries a seller more than a dozen pissed customers
comparing notes (also a good way of discovering alternate
usernames/addresses for sellers).

Remember that 30 day limit? Don't wait. If one or two emails doesn't work,
get thier phone number and call them. If that doesn't get you the product
in four or five days, leave -feedback and file an official complaint with
eBay As Soon As Possible! It's safe enough to give about 4-5 days delivery
time (domestically), or a couple of days for a tracking number, but don't
put it off! Trust me, I've learned the hard way that deadbeat sellers rely
on your procrastination.

One last thing, always keep M.O. receipts or any documentation proving you
sent payment. Withholding delivery is Mail Fraud, a Federal Crime. Simply
threatening to report it will usually get a response from the seller right


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