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Thanks Pete,
Now the big question is... can you scan us some pics of the manual? Pretty
please :)
Gus Jae
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> I've taken some time to examine the kit, this baby is really impressive.
> The box is huge, about 2 times the size of the MG Zeta box (I think they
> might have been able to cram this stuff in a ZZ sized box, though). I
> know about anyone else, but sometimes I think the box is the best part of
> the MG kits, it's big and colorful. It came with the 2000 Bandai Plastic
> Models catalog which has lots of cool pix of various MG and HGUC models
> HGUC GP-01 looks great!). The Sazabi section has a picture of a completed
> Sazabi next to an RX-78-2, and Sazabi *dwarfs* the Gundam. The top of
> Gundam's head doesn't even reach the pointy part of Sazabi's chest!
> Wow....The catalog also has pics of the Dunbine stuff, which I don't
> care for.
> But, you probably wanted to hear about the model. :) I don't know where
> start, really. The plastic is molded in a pretty dark red (much darker
> the orangish color of the finished model pics). The other sprues are
> in very dark blue or gray, and there is one sprue of slightly
> orangish/yellow parts (inlcluding the Zaku style cable parts and 2 tiny
> Chars). BTW, the cables are done with a molded plastic center, no spring,
> you just thread the 'beads' onto the plastic core, it seems. And of
> there's a clear green sprue with the beam parts.
> He comes with tons of equipment. The shield is about 8" long! The beam
> tomahawk has a retracting handle so you can store it in the shield, and
> just swap out the blade parts. Plus you get the rifle, the funnels (which
> are really cool, lotsa greebles in the housings), and 2 beam sabers! The
> beam sabers are stored in the forearm for easy access. :)
> Details details...lots of cool stuff. Most of the verniers have yellow
> insert parts for better detail. The fingers are individually (2 joints
> each, only one for the thumb). They look much better than the bulky Dom
> hands, very nice. The elbows have some semi-working hydraulic things, and
> the mechanism looks like it will be really neat. The leg armor comes off,
> obviously, and there's a nicely detailed but not overly complex inner
> The construction actually looks surprisingly simple compared to the other
> kits I have, it's not 'over-engineered' (I haven't built any yet,
> actually...). The cockpit looks pretty accurate to me, there's a tiny
> in there, and a sphere shaped piece that fits over it. It creates the
> illusion of the spherical cockpit pretty well, and I think you'll just be
> able to see the little guy in there. The mechanism for raising the
> forehead is a pretty cool double jointed deal, and the mono-eye moves from
> side to side. The shield attaches to the arm with a big rectangular peg,
> I think it will hold up ok, but it doesn't rotate (it looks like there are
> mounting points on each arm, but there is only one). Oh, someone wondered
> the other day about the decal for the shield emblem, it's one big rub-on
> transfer. Could be dangerous...well, it's actually not that big, so it
> think it will be ok. For some reason they saw fit to use a chrome type
> sticker for the yellow line on the lower part of the shield, which doesn't
> seem to make any sense. That one goes in the trash. :)
> Guess that's about it. Mmmmm, Sazabi. :)
> Peter Savin
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