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> >Hi.
> >I would like to know what people think of the MG Zeta Gundam ( 1:60 i
> >suppose ) cause if anyone tells me to go for it, i'm getting it (almost)
> >immediately. only complaint i heard about the MG Zeta Gundam is that it's
> >shield makes the entire kit heavy on one side. I suppose I can pose it so
> >that it's relatively balanced. (like, lying down) yeah, so i'd like to
> >what people who have it think about it.
> Are you sure that you're talking about the Master Grade Zeta Gundam? The
> Zeta is 1/100 scale, and is one of the weakest (structurally) kits I have
> ever built. In it's wave rider mode, the Zeta has an unfortunate tendancy
> to fall apart. In Mobile Suit mode, the legs have a problem with going
> a split and the backpack/wing assemblies fall off on a regular basis, as
> does the tail assembly. It's a very poorly designed kit.

I had such a hard time transforming mine into the wave rider mode that I
gave up trying and ended up tossing the kit. A couple of hours later, I
finally picked it back up and just posed him standing without any weapons
in-hand. Such a disgrace for a MG.

- Thomas -

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