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> Hi, folks.
> Sorry to come back to bring a negative story. But I want to alert you to
> some pretty questionable business practice by a Montreal shop/eBay seller.
> You guys have complained about HLJ, Tokyopop enough times, I think my
> story is more bizarre than any of those (thankfully it's only Can$20).
> The name of the shop is Sci-Fi Anime in Montreal. The handle they used on
> eBay is Guncross, but they may change the handle in the future.

Man !, that's just so screw someone on-line by not giving them
what they paid for. And then changing their ID to run away from the
situation is, I don't even have the words. I'd better stop
before I start swearing and putting cowards like that down. Core, I bad
feel for you that you had to endure an incident like this. Like you said,
cost wasn't the issue, it was a matter of principle.

- Thomas -

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