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> The nation itself is simply called the Earth Federation. The government
> in general is called the Earth Federation Government, and its main
> deliberative body is the Earth Federation Assembly. In the Hathaway
> novels we have a meeting of the central cabinet instead, but I dunno
> whether this is a structural change or not.
> The structure of the Federation government is as vague as its naming is
> generic. But I get the impression its structure is actually a lot like
> that of the UN, with a central security council running things on a day-
> to-day basis (perhaps this is the group we see in 0083), with an assembly
> convening periodically to pass bills and set policy.

What I want to know is how the EFG temporary becomes Earth Union Government
(the Titan influenced EFG), and then revert back to EFG when AEUG achieve
their goal of overthrowing Titans.

Also, there seemed to be a lot of major ticket appropriation in the show.
The up keep of the EFF and EFSF takes a lot of money. The reconstruction of
L1 colony (Frontier Side) takes a lot of money. The clean up of the effect
of both colony gassing and colony drop takes a lot of money. Now, I'm just
used to how US Congress works, and it takes continuous effort to pass all
these appropriation bills. The EFG Assembly probably have the final say on
the overall EFF budgets. But from Zeta and ZZ, it would appear that the
Assembly meets infrequently. Not the 9 months a years of US Congress, but
more like 4 or 5 times a year.

Speaking of appropriation. Could one of the major bones Spacenoid have
against EFG is the way taxes are levied? Inter-Side commerce could be
taxed. I know there had to be a property tax for the maintenance of the
colony (Witness Side 1 Bunch 1 Shangri-La in ZZ Gundam, now an industrial
wasteland of no tax bases). Earthnoid citizens are probably all exempt from
these colony specific taxes since they don't benefit from it.

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