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<< Nice one, Aaron! :)>>
The Internet's great, isn't it? :)
<< This is the first time Bandai shows the Wing MSiAs in
 U.S.-exclusive packaging, which are very different
 from those (U.C. MSiAs) released in Japan and rest of
 the World say, for example,the boxy packaging of Wing
 Gundam MSiA (non-U.S. release):>>

Yeah, I know. has/had a picture of the Wing Gundam in the
package, though.
 <<For new MSiAs, Gundam Epyon and Altron Gundam are more
 or less expected, but the 1/20 (?) charcter figure
 collection is really a surprise. Does anyone know
 these chara figures were released in Japan before? As
 for the 12" tall Wing Gundam toy, it is actually a
 repackaging from the original Japanese release many
 years ago. I am glad this is now being re-issued so we
 don't have to put up with unreachable prices from
 collector shops and online auctions :) >>

The Epyon is awesome. Just wish I could find the thing's for sale on the
'Net. I don't feel like/want to, go on a local wild goose chase for them! :) has three, has them all listed as back order on their
site. I figure its only a matter of time, until every etailer hass them,

On a non Gundam note. Toy Biz has announced a line of 6 inch Spider-Man
figures, each with 30 points of articulation and a stand, that can be used
flat or mounted on a wall! These are at the same site as the Gundam link I
posted. The figures are Spider-Man, the Spider-Man in the venom outfit, Venom
and Man-Spider. I've been wanting Spidey figures like this. Now, if they
would make a Scarlet Spider figure done this way . . .

Anyway, thought I'd mention that because its articulation related. Are
American companies learning from Japanese toy makers or something? Those new
X-Men figures, from an alternate story upcoming X-Men cartoon, are nice.
Espcially Wolverine.


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