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Now that I've written one post, I might as well add one more:

Night Tingale wrote:
> Core replies,
> >Night Tingale wrote:
> >>So don't be fooled by different markings. They meant the same thing. But I
> >>prefer the classic 'UNT Spacy' better :)
> >
> >Oh the HORROR! How can you say that??? UNT Spacy is Macross, NOT Gundam!
> No panic, Core. I was referring to the model decals/markings, in which
> Bandai has used 'UNT Spacy' many times on Feds' MS model kits before the
> revision to EFSF.
> >Gundam calls them the Feds, no one ever ever said "UNT Spacy" or "UN" on
> >screen. They probably never said "EFSF" either, but at least they said
> >"Fed" many many times.
> I know no Gundam show mentioned "UN" or "UNT", only the model kits markings
> fooled us. Blame Bandai and Sunrise for this lingering horrible confusion on
> us fans :)

My copy of Gundam Archive arrived yesterday (I love it). I noticed the
acronym E.F.S.F. appeared on one of the page headings but (I think) not in
the linearts. Which prompted me to ask what was the origin of this
acronym? I am sorry this has surely been answered before somewhere in the
GML archive, but let's beat the old horse again :-)

It still bugs me that, in the anime, everyone just said "Federal Army"
(Japanese/Kanji), which was obviously shortened from the full name. But
what's the full name? I think the anime also say "Federation" or "Earth
Federation" (also Jap/Kanji) which sometimes means the government,
sometimes the armed forces. I really hate both UNT Spacy (Macross) and
EFSF. I don't like "SF" because that's only one of the armed forces,
using the US system, there sould than be EFAF (air force) , EFN (navy),
EFA (army), EFM (marines) and other smaller forces. So for example, the
08 MS Team should be grouped under EFA.

This is a little more than a translation problem. I am not aware of any
sensible collection of names for a lot of important Fed organizations:

- the country/state (Earth Federation?)
- the government (EF Congress? Parliment? Executive Council?)
- the head of state (a president, chairman, prime minister?)
- the military head (joint chief of staffs, supreme commander?)
- the whole armed forces
- the individual forces (navy, space force, marines etc)

Compare to Zeon (and even Zanscare), the deficiency is really glaring.

If the official names are not satisfactory, maybe we foreign fans should
put our heads together and invent a set.

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