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Hi, folks.

Sorry to come back to bring a negative story. But I want to alert you to
some pretty questionable business practice by a Montreal shop/eBay seller.
You guys have complained about HLJ, Tokyopop enough times, I think my
story is more bizarre than any of those (thankfully it's only Can$20).

The name of the shop is Sci-Fi Anime in Montreal. The handle they used on
eBay is Guncross, but they may change the handle in the future.

You can read the whole story, in its (not quite) full painful glory at

The bottomline is, the shop now has my money for the past 30 days and I
have no model or even a promise that the model will be sent to me.

Two days after I wrote my story on NA and one day after I posted their
unedited rebuttals on the same page, one or more persons left forged
messages in's name ('s webmaster) on our
guestbook threatening serious actions against us unless the said page was
removed. At first we were fooled and removed the page, but soon the real figured it out. This forgery led us to believe that some
persons involved are playing juvenile tricks.

I am not writting to ask for third party help or mediation, I just want
you to know that such a dispute is going on. And if you or your friends
are going to spend money at Sci-Fi Anime or bid on Guncross's auctions,
please exercise extra caution.

PS: I CC'ed this email to Chanh L. Tran ( and Luan C.
Tran ( of Sci-Fi Anime, so that they have the chance
to tell their sides of the stories to you directly.

Name: Core
Patient ID: #1
Condition: Critical

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