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> Subject: [gundam] Minovsky Physics in the 21st Century
> Mobile Suit development was a direct response to the discovery of Minovsky
> physics, right? Specifically, Minovsky particles rendered radar useless
> and brought fighting up close and personal again.

More to the point, Minosky physics made the compact fusion reactor, on which
EVERYTHING else depends, possible. Ditto beam weapons.

You could have Gundam without Mobile Suits, but you can't have it without fusion
rocket propulsion. Yeah, O'Neill proposed building the colonies using chemical
rockets, but only because he knew that, once we were out there, something better
would have to be developed.

And he made a big point about helium-3 and how the Moon and space colonies would
make a great place to build fusion power plants that were deemed to problematic
on Mother Earth.

> So, just for fun, how would modern (for us, anyway) warfare be changed if
> tomorrow some physicist discovered a previously unknown elemtary particle
> with similar effects to a Minovsky Particle.

The Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor has a striking similarity to a
technology proposed over 25 years agao called muon-catalyzed fusion. The only
problem was that it didn't work -- the muons didn't catalyze as expected -- so
the Gundam folks had to come up with a magic particle that would do the same
thing. While they were at it, they gave it a few other useful properties.

> How seriously would it affect
> our ways of war? Would we be able to adapt to it, or would we require a
> revolutionary change, a la mobile suits? Bare in mind, I'm only referring
> to the particle, not the associated power supplies and such.

Think of the potential for terrorism if someone planted a Minovsky particle
broadcaster next to a major airport during the Christmas season.


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