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> >The point is when you have people with new enhanced sensory
> >powers they are still just people. By stating that the qualities
> >posessed by the individual are what's important, X has said
> >what we always knew all along.
> Actually, sometimes the more you understand a person, the more you will hate
> them. Understanding does not bring with it acceptance. This may be the
> why Char and Amuro went to the lengths they did...that because they understood
> more, the more they went crazy in hating each other. It's kinda sad in a
> the very powers that have so much potential to bring about peace are also the
> powers which can cause ultimate war.

Contrary to popular belief, love is not the opposite of hate. They are two
aspects of the same emotion, which is a deep connection to the other person.
The true opposite of both love and hate is indifference, a total lack of regard
for someone else.

So what differentiates love and hate, making one a positive and the other a
negative? I believe that it is self-centeredness that makes the difference. A
person in love is totally selfless, willing to give up any and all personal
possessions, including life itself. A person who hates is one who sees the
relationship almost totally with respect to what it means to that person and
with no regard for the other's feeling or take. A selfish lover might as well
be your sworn enemy, being in it only to take and rarely, if ever, to give.

Complicating this is fear. Yoda had it exactly right: "Fear leads to ange,
anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering!" Jealousy, one of the darkest
aspects of love, is a combination of caring and both selfishness (personal loss
is the issue, not the happiness of the other) and fear (of being hurt or losing

The bitterest and deepest hatreds have been between family members, married
people and cultures that to outsider seem so alike as to leave one incredulous.
Jews and Christians were the same people for 10,000 out of 12,000 years of
recorded history. Muslims come from the same lineage, tracing the bloodline of
their Prophet back to Abraham. Catholics and Protestants and now the
Fundamentalists, same story -- same people, same Family of Man, minor
disagreement over some of the finer details of ancient writings.

"You only hurt the one you love
The one you shouldn't hurt at all"

You only CAN hurt the one you love or, more correctly, the one who loves you,
because the only person who will be hurt is someone who cares.

What's more, you ALWAYS hurt the one you love, because no one is selfless enough
to always put your happiness ahead of their own and we all share the same fears
to some degree or another.

Char and Amuro are painfully alike, both orphaned and fearful of further loss,
both terribly self-centered while having very little in the way of personal


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