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I don't think it would change all that much. Doctrine can be altered by
technology, but normally not as much as tactics and techniques are affected by
I mean, what does radar really provide? There are a few systems that use it
for guidance/terminal function (some AA/ Antiship missiles, VT fuses) and
these functions can simply be moved to a different wavelength (UV, IR,
mechanical time). The real benifit of radar comes into the BOSes of C2 and
INT. It allows the commanders to monitor the flow of the enemy (and thus
determine the threat course of action and then break up his decision cycle)
and, in the case of aircraft, maintain battlefield awarness of his assets.
So, not being able to use radar would definitely make air traffic control much
more difficult, but not impossible. The big loss would be from the
intelligence aspect. GSR systems, sentinel-esque systems, and firefinder
systems are always considered high value. But if they can't be used it
wouldn't be the end of the world. Again, the functions simply get pushed to
other means- acoustic aquisition, higher percentages of scouts across the FLOT
snooping and pooping.
All in all, I don't think it would be such a big woop to lose radar. All the
functions can be transfered - maybe not as efficient...or in some cases, more.

But, if I remember correctly, did the particles affect commo? THAT would be a
huge problem. C2 out the window.

Echo|Fox wrote:

> Mobile Suit development was a direct response to the discovery of Minovsky
> physics, right? Specifically, Minovsky particles rendered radar useless
> and brought fighting up close and personal again.
> So, just for fun, how would modern (for us, anyway) warfare be changed if
> tomorrow some physicist discovered a previously unknown elemtary particle
> with similar effects to a Minovsky Particle. How seriously would it affect
> our ways of war? Would we be able to adapt to it, or would we require a
> revolutionary change, a la mobile suits? Bare in mind, I'm only referring
> to the particle, not the associated power supplies and such.
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