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>Mobile Suit development was a direct response to the discovery of Minovsky
>physics, right? Specifically, Minovsky particles rendered radar useless
>and brought fighting up close and personal again.
>So, just for fun, how would modern (for us, anyway) warfare be changed if
>tomorrow some physicist discovered a previously unknown elemtary particle
>with similar effects to a Minovsky Particle. How seriously would it affect
>our ways of war? Would we be able to adapt to it, or would we require a
>revolutionary change, a la mobile suits? Bare in mind, I'm only referring
>to the particle, not the associated power supplies and such.

In a way, this is already happening for air warfare. Stealth technology
has, (for the moment anyway) severely degraded the effectiveness of radar
and long range (radar guided) missiles. This leaves us with two paths:
improving sensor technology to the point where it can defeat stealth or
going back to IR guided (short range) missiles and guns. However, this only
holds true if technology becomes widespread (which may not be for a while as
nations other than the U.S. have adopted semi-stealthy or non-stealty
designs for their next generation fighters).

If someone developed the minovski particle (and an easy way to generate it
and distribute it on the battlefield) tomorrow, it would probably have the
same effect on air and naval warfare as giving everybody stealth technology
and really good communications jammers. It probably wouldn't have that
large an effect on ground warfare, since they don't use much radar. The
biggest effect on the ground pounders would probably be the effective loss
of radio communications (which means they would probably use a lot of
temporary landlines, just like we see in the Gundam universe in the 08th MS

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