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>Yes but it's all very superficial, you don't really see the misery and
suffering that
>war causes in wing.
>Compare Quatre wasting an (empty) colony (with a nice clean buster rifle
shot) to the
>horror experienced by Camille inside the gassed colony. Or the sad fate of
Four and
>Camille's ill fated relationship. Plus the Miriad plot twists in Zeta
actually make
>some sense. ^_^
>I love wing, it was the first Gundam series which I bought all of on LD,
but Zeta is
>IMO a much greater and more mature work. and so (despite some truly silly
stuff) is the
>Original gundam.
>---Brett Jensen

I dunno. what got to me was that it was all so callous in GW, whereas in
Zeta, the violence had a ritualized feel to it. in GW, it was pow, you're
done for. I agree though, that Zeta has plus points in story and
plot...but the violence? I wuld argue that. perhaps it's a difference in
perception. certainly, I find the use of violence in GW more disturbing
than in Zeta. But Zeta is still violent in its own right.

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