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Richie Ramos wrote:

> true, but think also of a whole colony being shot at by a mad child, or perhaps
> the mental and physical abuses the various gboys had in order to end up so screwed.
> then you have the fact that these kids were "designed" to be terrorists. There's
> a certain horror to GW in that the violence somehow hits close to home. with
> UC gundam, it's like war or something space opera-like, which is horrific in
> its own way, but the punch of GW is somewhat different in this regard.

Yes but it's all very superficial, you don't really see the misery and suffering that
war causes in wing.
Compare Quatre wasting an (empty) colony (with a nice clean buster rifle shot) to the
horror experienced by Camille inside the gassed colony. Or the sad fate of Four and
Camille's ill fated relationship. Plus the Miriad plot twists in Zeta actually make
some sense. ^_^

I love wing, it was the first Gundam series which I bought all of on LD, but Zeta is
IMO a much greater and more mature work. and so (despite some truly silly stuff) is the
Original gundam.

---Brett Jensen

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