Roland Thigpen (
21 Jul 2000 18:22:46 -0000

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000 12:24:29 -0500 Leslie_R <> wrote:
>Richie Ramos wrote:

>i thought he was talking about considering altenate timelines as
>legitimate areas of the Gundam story as a whole.. not integrating them
>into the UC time-lne (which imo would be just plain silly)

Well, remember that Turn A was supposedly going to join all the alternate Gundams into one timeline. But from talk around here from those who've seen it, it didn't really. Still, of them all, Gundam X would probably be the easiest to join to the UC timeline, what with the similarly styled colonies, the mobile suit designs, and the talk of newtypes.


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