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Nightingale writes,

>First off, great works, Mark, you deserve a two thumbs
>up! :)

  Well, after all the times this subject's come up on this list, I
figured it was a matter of common interest. :-)

>Zeon's Ground MS page: any chance to extend the YMS-08
>lineage with MS-08TX "Efreet" and its EXAM variant,
>MS-08TX[EXAM] "Efreet Custom"?

  Hm... I'm still not sure whether the two lines are supposed to be
related, or if this is just another case of model number re-use (as with
the MS-10, MS-11, MS-16, et al). Hopefully the ground edition of the MSV
Collection File will address the issue...

>Zeon's Space MS page: based on your theory shown in
>previous posts here, would you consider linking
>Kampfer to Efreet? or is the evidence strong enough to
>be true?

  Nah, it's strictly circumstantial. For now the Kaempfer - like the
Xamel, Zock, Agg, and most of the Pezun mobile suits - would just be a
lonely box drifting in a void at the bottom of the chart...

>Also, although this is retrocon, the GG/BoZ video game
>depicts a special variant of Zaku II, MS-06A, for
>carrying out nuclear attacks in the early stage of
>war. I assume this is not the early A-type although
>they both feature the same orange-coloured pauldron on
>the left shoulder. What is your take on that?

  Since it does have the double shoulder armor, I assume it actually is
based on the previously-documented A type. In Giren's Greed, it's
actually hauled out at the _end_ of the war, for Delaz's third try at
Operation British. Perhaps it's an early prototype of the nuke-toting
Zaku that they haul out of storage for the occasion...

-- Mark

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