Fri, 21 Jul 2000 13:49:45 EDT

the truth of matter is.....if you are able to get a large order shipped, then
you will have a decent shipping price...

this was my last big order around march, 8 models and 2 books.
Merchandise Total: 35620 yen
Shipping Charge: 5260 yen
Total: 40880 yen

and this is my most recent(5/00), a 1/100 Volks GGI KOG which may have seen
its shipping price increased because of its large box9(about big as 2 MG box
side by side)
Merchandise Total: 7800 yen
Shipping Charge: 2020 yen
Total: 9820 yen

and the really bad deals is(2/00), this one had 1 MG ZZ, 2 HJ and 1 model
graphix magazines....which would explain the shipping $ almost equaling the
merchandise cost.
Merchandise Total: 5930 yen
Shipping Charge: 4180 yen
Total: 10110 yen

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