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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >>Actually, they may in fact not be just freaks, but the actual next stage in
> >>human development, but in no way are they the stage were we evolve beyond
> >>war and hatred.
> > and
> >>if we accept war as a natural part of
> >>the human rhythm of social and historical life, then we can learn to
> >>prepare for it....in which case, Treize was right. eek.!
> > I can't resist pointing out that, if we're drawing on points raised in
> >Gundam Wing and Gundam X to enhance our understanding of the UC series,
> >then perhaps these "alternate universes" really _do_ deserve to be
> >considered part of the Gundam saga. :-)
> >-- Mark
> hmmm...on the philosphical level, i can accept them as part of the UC, but on
> the level of the continuity, it gets iffy. the focus in GW, for example is
> not on family and war, but on the universal need for peace and justice. BUT,
> it does touch on themes present in UC, and thus makes it acceptable. If they
> can find some way to clear up the timeline, then I can say that it's a good
> idea, but if they can't...well, let sleeping AC dogs lie.

i thought he was talking about considering altenate timelines as
legitimate areas of the Gundam story as a whole.. not integrating them
into the UC time-lne (which imo would be just plain silly)


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