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--- Mark Simmons <> wrote:

> It's here. Man, was that a lot of work...

First off, great works, Mark, you deserve a two thumbs
up! :)

Some comments:

Zeon's Ground MS page: any chance to extend the YMS-08
lineage with MS-08TX "Efreet" and its EXAM variant,
MS-08TX[EXAM] "Efreet Custom"?

Zeon's Space MS page: based on your theory shown in
previous posts here, would you consider linking
Kampfer to Efreet? or is the evidence strong enough to
be true?

Also, although this is retrocon, the GG/BoZ video game
depicts a special variant of Zaku II, MS-06A, for
carrying out nuclear attacks in the early stage of
war. I assume this is not the early A-type although
they both feature the same orange-coloured pauldron on
the left shoulder. What is your take on that?


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