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Chris Maier wrote:
>Are these books any good? Apart from manga, I don't have a lot of Gundam
>books, unfortunately...these books are at
><>, and they seem like I'll get
>them faster than at <> , so
>I'm wondering if they're any good(Descriptions would be nifty)

Hi Chris,

The Dom Gundam Weapons book is worth getting if you are into building
Gundam models. While there isn't as much construction details as some of
the earlier books in the series, the excellent photos should provide a lot
of ideas.

There are around 110 pages of colour photos. The first 90 focus on the Dom
and its variants, and the remainder on various Black Tri-Stars' mobile suits.

The Dom + variants featured are:
1. Various Doms (obviously) - including one with a huge chainsaw (!)
2. Rick-Dom I & II
3. Prototype Dom
4. Tropical Test Type
5. Dom Tropen
6. Dowage & Dowage Custom
7. Dreissen
8. Beautiful diorama of two Doms evacuating a Zaku I from a snow-covered

The Black Tri-Stars' MS featured are:
1. Zaku I
2. High-mobility Zaku II
3. Three special weapons Zaku IIs - sniper, 'Heavy Arms' and close-quarter
4. Gelgoog

- Gan

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