Ray Hashman (megaman@infinet.com)
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 09:25:56 -0400

> Answer me this, is HLJ cheaper when you are placing a big order? I very
> seldom am able to afford a huge order, most I buy is about 2-4 kits or
> figures. I guess this is why HLJ is more expensive for me.

I usually order 6-10 at a time. When it all comes down, it's cheaper i you
order in mass. I have the rates stored on my other system or I'd tell you
for certain. Also, don't forget that UPS includes insurance for the price
as well. (Not that others don't.) It takes me an average of 4 days from
the day it leaves there to receive my packages.

> Some US stores charge a lot more then $5-$10. I have a bunch of Import
> listed in my Favorite's. Its Import store shuffle every time I buy, as
> differed from store to store. Anyone else do this? :)

I hit them in the cons, and they vary greatly there as well. I just
attended Origins last weekend, and there was 3 dealers with kits. One only
had old kits and wanted $20+ for each, 1/144 scale. Another had a few Wing
kits at $25 each same scale. The other listed them about $52 for MG Super
Gundam, GP02, ZZ, $45 Zeta, $30 various GMs. At least they would haggle
down a tad. Got the Zeta for $40 there.

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