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Fri, 21 Jul 2000 08:45:41 -0400

From: HOSHINO <>
> So I bought most of them,and I am looking forward to get 1:60 kits that I
> do not have.

I bought the RX-78-2 1:60 a couple of years back, but now that I am going
to build my PG RX-78-2 the non-PG just sits in the box and gathering dust.
Actually my 1:100 Nu Gundam, some V Gundam, some Silouette F91 kits
are all waiting for when I get some building time, but now I don't want

I'd rather build the MG, and PG kits... mostly because I'm not the world's
greatest modeler, the MG/PG kits are easier for me to justify since I know
it will look good when I'm done.

> >I wish they'll be all released as PGs, particluarly

PG Sazabi, I want a PG Sazabi.... The box will be HUGE, but I want one...


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