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The crap about HLJ being cheaper on large orders is a load of just
that, crap! In theory HLJ has good shipping prices on large orders,
but it has been years since you have been able to get an entire large
order shipped from HLJ. Back when HLJ had customer service, they
would hold the parts of your order, then send you an email every
month letting you know what was in stock, and once it all was in they
would ship it to you. Since my average kit order is around $1,000,
this would always work out to have a fairly low cost per unit, as far
as splitting up shipping went. Unfortunately, as HLJ will openly tell
you, they no longer hold items on order, so if you want to make sure
you get something that is limited production, you have to put it on
an order by itself, or tell them to ship whatever is in stock when
the limited production item comes into stock. Otherwise the limited
production item will slip right back out of stock before the rest of
your items get in. As a result, it is almost impossible to get a
large order filled all in one shipment, and then when you complain
about the shipping cost on the multiple orders, HLJ tell you that you
should have waited on more of your order to have come in before
telling them to ship!

This is why I have completely given up on even worrying about
shipping cost, and just go with the shop most likely to have the
item, and most likely to get the item to me in a reasonable amount of

The problem with this is that it can really hurt the pocket book! For
example I think my most expensive shipping cost for a single kit was
$150! But that was for my second most expensive kit, a 1/220
Dendrobium, and it got to me in 3 days. Let me tell you, when you
spend that much on a 1/220 model, you want instant gratification. You
don't want to wait around for a few months for it to show up.

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> Okay, since UPS ships HLJ's orders to the US now, I have found that
> shipping was cheaper before that started shipping UPS.
> Now, here's this little fact. HLJ has the Kayiodo Temjin Virtual On
> figure for about $38, shipping made it come out to about $53!!
> Now, I was able to find the figure at the Import inflated price of
> $45, but shipping is only $4.50, which comes out to $49.50! A bit
> nit picky yes, but I came out cheaper by buying it from a US
> store.
> Now, the Zeta costs about $12 at HLJ and shipping will probably
> cost $7. Which equals $19, other places sale them for $20, Whew! A
> savings of about $5, Josh, Gee, I'm impressed! Sarcasm.
> Answer me this, is HLJ cheaper when you are placing a big order? I
> very seldom am able to afford a huge order, most I buy is about
> 2-4 kits or figures. I guess this is why HLJ is more expensive for
> me.
> Some US stores charge a lot more then $5-$10. I have a bunch of
> Import stores listed in my Favorite's. Its Import store shuffle
> every time I buy, as prices differed from store to store. Anyone
> else do this? :)
> I have a several store's I order a lot from. I remember looking
> through Toy Shop that huge tome that comes out every two weeks,
> for Robotech, then later Gundam stuff, anyone else remember Toy
> Shop? I used to subscribe to it, but with the Internet, its kind
> of useless, ya know?
> Anyway, anyone else have any fond memories about mail order? I
> can't think of any now, but have any one of you done something
> somewhat crazy to snag a wanted toy or kit? How about crazy prices
> paid for a toy or kit? :)
> No one has to, though. Since the GML is a bit quiet, thought I'd
> throw in something interesting.

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