HOSHINO (hoshino@mve.biglobe.ne.jp)
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 19:00:24 +0900


>Are you sure they are ALL out of production now in
>Japan? I've seen new stocks of 1/60 Dom at several
>model shops and department stores in Hong Kong as well
>as some online shops.

Yes,they are out of production now in Japan (even in Tokyo).
Last year,1:100(non- MG) and 1:144(non-HG) kits are reproduced.
So I bought most of them,and I am looking forward to get 1:60 kits that I
do not have.

I can find them at Online Shops,but can not at model shops and department

>I wish they'll be all released as PGs, particluarly
>MS-09 Dom.
Yes,I wish too.


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