Fri, 21 Jul 2000 05:11:01 EDT

Okay, since UPS ships HLJ's orders to the US now, I have found that shipping
was cheaper before that started shipping UPS.

Now, here's this little fact. HLJ has the Kayiodo Temjin Virtual On figure
for about $38, shipping made it come out to about $53!! Now, I was able to
find the figure at the Import inflated price of $45, but shipping is only
$4.50, which comes out to $49.50! A bit nit picky yes, but I came out cheaper
by buying it from a US store.

Now, the Zeta costs about $12 at HLJ and shipping will probably cost $7.
Which equals $19, other places sale them for $20, Whew! A savings of about
$5, Josh, Gee, I'm impressed! Sarcasm.

Answer me this, is HLJ cheaper when you are placing a big order? I very
seldom am able to afford a huge order, most I buy is about 2-4 kits or
figures. I guess this is why HLJ is more expensive for me.

Some US stores charge a lot more then $5-$10. I have a bunch of Import stores
listed in my Favorite's. Its Import store shuffle every time I buy, as prices
differed from store to store. Anyone else do this? :)

I have a several store's I order a lot from. I remember looking through Toy
Shop that huge tome that comes out every two weeks, for Robotech, then later
Gundam stuff, anyone else remember Toy Shop? I used to subscribe to it, but
with the Internet, its kind of useless, ya know?

Anyway, anyone else have any fond memories about mail order? I can't think of
any now, but have any one of you done something somewhat crazy to snag a
wanted toy or kit? How about crazy prices paid for a toy or kit? :)

No one has to, though. Since the GML is a bit quiet, thought I'd throw in
something interesting.


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