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There is most definitely a choice of whether or not you will handle an issue
with conflict, no matter what. But, I have to admit, sometimes I get so mad
that it comes to the point where the telemarketer calls at the wrong time
STUPID PRODUCT! GO AWAAAAAAY!!" It's easy to resist violence on a personal
level, but wars are not begun by one person. I don't have a problem with
yelling around my girlfriend (Elisabeth, she's beautiful), but if some more
of my friends are around, it's automatically a rip-roaring hoo-hah. I'm
sure that relates somehow.
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On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:44:51 -0700 Mark Simmons <> wrote:
>Roland Thigpen writes,

> But for that to be true, the whole human race would have to become
>newtypes (either that or find ourselves going the way of the
>Neanderthal). While this was hinted at in the ending of original Gundam,
>it turned out not to be the case in the subsequent UC saga - newtypes
>remain extremely rare for the next century-plus. (A mere moment in
>genuine evolutionary terms, but a long time in a narrative sense. ;-)

>>Humanity will always be a race that craves conflict
> I'm not sure I agree. I think most people don't really crave violence
>and war -
> Not to get into a digression on sociology or world politics, but I
>think it's a bit simplistic to say that people love conflict. It's more
>that they can't think of a better way to get what they want or resolve
>-- Mark

Ah, I expected someone to say something like this, which is why I chose my
wording carefully for this line. Conflict is not neccessarily war and
violence. It can be as simple as trying to beat out the next guy for a
promotion or wanting to win a verbal arguement. Not all conflict escalates
into full blown violence and war. A simple dispute is in fact a type of
conflict. IMO, people will always find something to argue over, as no two
people are always going to agree on everything. And many people, in fact,
I'd go so far as to say most, often enjoy a good arguement, or at least a
good debate (just look at some of the past discussions on this list).

Additionally, humanity's conflicts do not always have to be against each
other. They are also against nature and the environment, and against
ingorance, etc. Mankind is always struggling to discover new things. We must
"battle" against our ignorance because it is in our nature to want to know
everything. Mankind must always fight nature just for our daily survival (we
must have food, and it is a often a struggle for it, whether against grain
in a field or against an animal being hunted, we are growing out of this,
but why else would people still hunt if at some level, some of us at least
didn't enjoy it?).

In essence, we always have something we fight against, whether it be storms,
ignorance or each other. And until we are gods ourselves, we will always be
fighting these conflicts.

A friend and I were discussing earlier the concept of communicating with
another race, and how unlikely it might be that we would be able to. Think
on this...what if the race had no concept of sight? or taste? or smell? Or
worse of all, what if they have no concept of symbolism? This last one is
what primarily keeps us from communicating with say the dolphins or great
apes of our own world. Most agree that they are very intelligent, and that
they most likely have some kind of language amongst themselves, but we have
yet to unlock that language. We have no Rosetta Stone (and if we didn't have
that, we would never have deciphered heiroglyphics).

What has this last bit to do with the previous thing? Well, at least a
portion of humanity is always in a fight trying to decipher these languages,
our past, trying to discover if there are other intelligent races in the
cosmos, etc. As I said, it is a part of our nature to battle our way out of
our ignorance, and trying to determine our place in the scheme of things
(and even once we do that, I still think that we will attempt to raise
ourselves above this).

Anyways, I think I'm starting to ramble, so I need to stop now. I think I've
generally gotten my point across though.


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