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Thu, 20 Jul 2000 10:53:33 -0700

Richie Ramos wrote:

> As much as I hated to admit it also, the new gundam shows not only rehashed
> and expanded, they also improved on the storytelling. sure, we old guys get
> dizzy at the whole thing, but for the newr generation, I think they would find
> that sort of editing and storytelling style more understandable thatn the old
> ways of the UC stories. And, there's also a maturing oif sensibilities. and
> a subsequent upping in violence level, which is very ironic.

How do you figure? As much as I like wing, I think Zeta is much more mature, has a
better story, and is more Violent than any of the Non UC shows. (Just think of
what happened to Camille's mom, or the colony gassing)

---Brett Jensen

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