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>>Actually, they may in fact not be just freaks, but the actual next stage in

>>human development, but in no way are they the stage were we evolve beyond

>>war and hatred.
> and
>>if we accept war as a natural part of
>>the human rhythm of social and historical life, then we can learn to
>>prepare for which case, Treize was right. eek.!
> I can't resist pointing out that, if we're drawing on points raised in
>Gundam Wing and Gundam X to enhance our understanding of the UC series,
>then perhaps these "alternate universes" really _do_ deserve to be
>considered part of the Gundam saga. :-)
>-- Mark

hmmm...on the philosphical level, i can accept them as part of the UC, but on
the level of the continuity, it gets iffy. the focus in GW, for example is
not on family and war, but on the universal need for peace and justice. BUT,
it does touch on themes present in UC, and thus makes it acceptable. If they
can find some way to clear up the timeline, then I can say that it's a good
idea, but if they can't...well, let sleeping AC dogs lie.

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