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>The point is when you have people with new enhanced sensory
>powers they are still just people. By stating that the qualities
>posessed by the individual are what's important, X has said
>what we always knew all along.

Actually, sometimes the more you understand a person, the more you will hate
them. Understanding does not bring with it acceptance. This may be the reason
why Char and Amuro went to the lengths they did...that because they understood
more, the more they went crazy in hating each other. It's kinda sad in a sense...that
the very powers that have so much potential to bring about peace are also the
powers which can cause ultimate war. (damn, am beginning to be reminded of
Escaflowne, but that's OT and for another thread...)

>Amuro was always the good guy, even when Char wasn't. 0079
>Camille was a good guy even when Scirocco wasn't. Z Gundam
>Char was a good guy when a whole Newtype Society wasn't. Gaia Gear

aye well. there will always be polarities...

>So what have we learned?
>Being from space doesn't make you superior.
>Being a Newtype doesn't make you superior.
>Being from Earth doesn't make you evil.
>Being from Space doesn't make you good.

In the end, really, it was amuro who had the better their final conversation
in CCA, Amuro unmasked Char what he truly was: a tragic figure who could have
been a great man, but in the end was simply a man who didn't care at all about
anybody else, just his own viewpoints. And that makes Char all the more compelling
as a character, because his greatness was flawed so fatally. Amuro, for me
also achieves the same stature, because for all his doubts, his angst, his unloveableness
as a heroic figure, his temper his impetuousness, he still believes in what
are considered basic moral values -- and that he still cares for people, principles
and philosophy be damend. what he cared about was life, and living.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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