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>Methinks Zeon Daikun pulled a Freud, he thought Newtypes
>were the next evolutionary step, and they still may be... Isn't
>Gaia Gear full of Newtypes or is X supposed to be after that.
>Whatever the case may be, Humanity may be evolving, but it
>won't be the psychic powers that stop all wars.
>Daikun jumped the gun thinking that if people could read each
>other's minds they couldn't possibly continue to fight and hate
>each other...
>The point is when you have people with new enhanced sensory
>powers they are still just people. By stating that the qualities
>posessed by the individual are what's important, X has said
>what we always knew all along.
>Amuro was always the good guy, even when Char wasn't. 0079
>Camille was a good guy even when Scirocco wasn't. Z Gundam
>Char was a good guy when a whole Newtype Society wasn't. Gaia Gear
>So what have we learned?
>Being from space doesn't make you superior.
>Being a Newtype doesn't make you superior.
>Being from Earth doesn't make you evil.
>Being from Space doesn't make you good.

Something this puts me in mind of is the latter half of the Nadesico TV series, where...













We see Earth and the Jovians stereotyping each other as a totally-evil race of warmongering tyrants... just like the bad guys from Gekiganger 3. Even Akito gets taken in by this (at least for a while), making the point that it's all too easy to fall into this method of thinking, to demonize your enemy. One of the most emotional moments in Nadesico was the scene in episode 21 where Ryoko, who is distressed that the only thing she is good at is fighting, recalls Akito's comment about "the heartless Jovians, who are absorbed in war".

Of course, Nadesico isn't Gundam, but, in keeping with the amount of references to other anime in the show, the Jovians have quite a few similarities to the Zeons. And regardless, the point made is a very legitimate one indeed.

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