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Paul Fields replies,

>> I can't resist pointing out that, if we're drawing on points raised in
>> Gundam Wing and Gundam X to enhance our understanding of the UC series,
>> then perhaps these "alternate universes" really _do_ deserve to be
>> considered part of the Gundam saga. :-)
>Nope I'll never believe that Mark, its easier to point to Wing and X
>because they are copies of the Original series, albeit ones more people
>have seen now...

  Nah, it's not just that. We're citing Wing and Gundam X because they're
_expanding_ on the themes of the UC Gundam saga. Gundam X, sucky as it
may be overall, is saying something legitimately new about the newtype
concept - which is more than any UC sequel ever did. And Gundam Wing
develops the "why do people fight each other" theme beyond the
straightforward "because mean people suck" assessment of previous Gundam
shows. Both work as commentary on the UC saga, as well as ripoffs of it.

  (I don't think G Gundam has as much to say about the themes of UC
Gundam, but then again, it's borrowing a lot less from them as well.)

-- Mark

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