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Thu, 20 Jul 2000 17:09:07 -0400

> I can't resist pointing out that, if we're drawing on points raised in
> Gundam Wing and Gundam X to enhance our understanding of the UC series,
> then perhaps these "alternate universes" really _do_ deserve to be
> considered part of the Gundam saga. :-)

Nope I'll never believe that Mark, its easier to point to Wing and X
because they are copies of the Original series, albeit ones more people
have seen now... its easier to point to the copy everyone knows but,
the reasons we can use them as examples is becuase someone tried
to tell the same story, as was said earlier, Zechs is Char's entire life
in one series. Trieze may be Dozul/Garma/Giren Zabi, and Ma Kube
all rolled into one. That doesn't change the universe...

I could make points about King Lear using quotes from Akira Kurosawa's
'Ran' which is just King Lear in Japan, but it still would be two sets
of similar characters from different worlds. The message comes on
through reguardless of medium.


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