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Methinks Zeon Daikun pulled a Freud, he thought Newtypes
were the next evolutionary step, and they still may be... Isn't
Gaia Gear full of Newtypes or is X supposed to be after that.
Whatever the case may be, Humanity may be evolving, but it
won't be the psychic powers that stop all wars.

Daikun jumped the gun thinking that if people could read each
other's minds they couldn't possibly continue to fight and hate
each other...

The point is when you have people with new enhanced sensory
powers they are still just people. By stating that the qualities
posessed by the individual are what's important, X has said
what we always knew all along.

Amuro was always the good guy, even when Char wasn't. 0079
Camille was a good guy even when Scirocco wasn't. Z Gundam
Char was a good guy when a whole Newtype Society wasn't. Gaia Gear

So what have we learned?

Being from space doesn't make you superior.
Being a Newtype doesn't make you superior.
Being from Earth doesn't make you evil.
Being from Space doesn't make you good.


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