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>Hee. Well, that pretty much matches what I've thought for a while.
Actually, they may in fact not be just freaks, but the actual next stage in
human development, but in no way are they the stage were we evolve beyond
war and hatred. Otherwise, none of them would fight, and we most certainly
wouldn't have CCA. Just because humanity reaches the next stage of
development doesn't mean everyone would be luvy-duvy. That is a weak way of
thinking. It's like saying that just because someone could build something
of high enough tech, they wouldn't feel the need to make war.
>Yeah, right.
>Humanity will always be a race that craves conflict, unless and until we
have the second coming (or whatever you happen to believe in, not meaning
to start any religious debates), or the human race is wiped out. For all of
our existence, we have known nothing but conflict, have been raised in
nothing but conflict, and thus, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves
without it. Peace and love are nice party lines, but you won't see us
getting beyond the need for war for some time. The only thing that may
change is the scale. The most the more peace minded of us can hope to do is
downgrade the scope and tragedy of it, and try to keep anymore Holocausts
from occuring.

There have been papaers built on the idea that mankind requires war in a
Darwinian sort of way, that conflict is when the best -- and the worst --
can be seen. not such a bad thing. if we accept war as a natural part of
the human rhythm of social and historical life, then we can learn to
prepare for which case, Treize was right. eek.! LOL!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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