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>My thoughts: Well, that actually makes a lot of sense. The point isn't
>that newtype powers don't exist - these abilities are amply demonstrated
>in Gundam X, and in the UC saga as a whole - but that they've been
>misinterpreted. At the end of original Gundam, it looked like Daikun's
>thesis might pan out, that people like Amuro and Lalah might be the first
>of a new breed of humanity who can evolve beyond war and hatred. But
>nobody could say that with a straight face after watching Z, ZZ, CCA...
>-- Mark

That makes a helluvalot of sense....and complements TOmino's view! It is
family that is important still, not some fancy evolutionary thing. what
will take mankind into the future is the innate ability of man to be able
to move beyond war if he chooses to, not some weird psychic offshoot...

I like this, but it is a BIG pill to swallow.

one part of me rails against it, but another part, well, sees it as a

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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