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Roland Thigpen writes,

>Hee. Well, that pretty much matches what I've thought for a while. Actually,
>they may in fact not be just freaks, but the actual next stage in human

  But for that to be true, the whole human race would have to become
newtypes (either that or find ourselves going the way of the
Neanderthal). While this was hinted at in the ending of original Gundam,
it turned out not to be the case in the subsequent UC saga - newtypes
remain extremely rare for the next century-plus. (A mere moment in
genuine evolutionary terms, but a long time in a narrative sense. ;-)

>Humanity will always be a race that craves conflict

  I'm not sure I agree. I think most people don't really crave violence
and war - most of the wars in this world seem to stem from either greed
or hatred (the latter often caused by long-ago wrongs - the conflicts in
Bosnia, Ireland, Israel, et al are largely revenge for generations-old
grudges). Even on a smaller scale, individual acts of violence often stem
from these two motivations - e.g. the mugger who shoots someone to get
their money to fund his drug habit, or the abused kid who grows up and
beats his girlfriend.

  Not to get into a digression on sociology or world politics, but I
think it's a bit simplistic to say that people love conflict. It's more
that they can't think of a better way to get what they want or resolve

-- Mark

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