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<< I'm not into bishounen or flashy mobile suits. I don't watch dubs, worship
 Dragonball Z, or own yaoi doujinshi.
 I don't know Heero, Relena or Milliardo from Wing, although I'm certain
 they're very nice.
 I voted for Zabi, not Relena.
 I have V-Fins and a faceplate, not a moustache.
 And I pronounce it "Gundam," not "Gun-Damn."
 I can proudly paint Zion's symbol on my car.
 I believe in prototypes, not superhero's; minovsky physics, not
 And that the Zaku is a proud and noble mobile suit.
 Haro is our master, Christine McKenzie is a babe.
 And its Gundarium, okay? Not Gundanium. Gundarium.
 UC Gundam is the longest running mecha story, the first show with
 realistic giant robots, and the best part of anime. >>

Im going to repeat this every night before i sleep.


Am I a butterfly dreaming of a man...or a bowling ball dreaming of a plate of
 Never assume what you think and feel is real!
-- doll in Enhasa, Zeal Kingdom: Chrono Trigger

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