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>True. Currently, the newest fighter/interceptor in USAF is the F-22, which
>features vector thrust engines, radar stealth, unheard of maneuverability,
>fly by wire. It's pretty much a revolutionary improvement over the plane
>that it is replacing, the aging F-15 and the slightly newer F-16. Navy and
>Marine are also getting a similiar upgrade in plane in the JSF, a carrier
>based stealth fighter that looks to be a cross between F-16 and F-22 frame.
>And the Navy/Marine have no backup plan if the plane failed. JSF will be
>replacing the aging F-14, F/A-18, the Harriet Jumpjet, A-6. Compare that
>with the carriers design, whose frame basically haven't change much in the
>past 30 years.

The JSF will come in three major variants:
Land Based Conventional Take Off: Replaces USAF F-16. Will probably also
replace some F-15s since the F-22 is so expensive.
Carrier Based Conventional Take Off: Replaces F/A-18C/D Hornet. The A-6 has
already been withdrawn from service and been replaced by a combination of
Hornets and F-14s modified to attack ground targets. The F-14 will be
replaced by the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet before the JSF enters service.
Vertical Take Off: Replaces the USMC AV-8B Harrier and F/A-18C/D. Will also
probably replace Royal Navy Harriers (though the RN might instead acquire
the USN version of the JSF or navalized versions of the Eurofighter or
Rafale if they decide to build a pair of arresting gear equipped carriers).
The USAF may buy some VTOL JSFs in order to acquire VTOL capibility (they
currently have none).


>Well, there had been example of evolutionary improvements in a the plane
>design. Witness F-15, which has receive continous upgrade. I believe we
>are now in F-15F model. And the warhorse of USAF for many many years F-4,
>which I believe is still in service in some capacity somewhere in the

The F-4 is still in service with quite a few nations around the world
including Isreal, Japan and Germany.

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