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Hi gang,

  So, I'm preparing myself for the ordeal of synopsizing Gundam X. As a
warmup, I re-read the BomBom comic adaptation, and I think I get what the
infamous climactic revelation about newtypes is about.

  If any of you have seen the last couple of episodes and have any
insights to share, or are just morbidly curious, then read on. It's
actually a pretty good point, one that sums up the development of the
concept in the UC saga quite accurately...



  Okay, so at the end of Gundam X, the two warring armies have converged
on the moon, home of the mysterious D.O.M.E. facility, where the secret
of newtypes is supposedly housed. The New Earth Federation is eager to
use newtypes as weapons, while the Space Revolutionary Army subscribes to
a sort of newtype cult that could be traced back to Zeon Daikun's
philosophies. In short, the SRA believes that newtypes are the harbinger
of a new stage in human evolution, triggered by man's migration into
space. As such, their existence justifies the spacenoids' claim to
spiritual superiority.

  In between the New Federation and SRA forces are, of course, our motley
gang of heroes... burned-out ex-newtype ace Jamil, spunky normal kid
Garrod, and annoying newtype waif Tiffa.

  Anyway, when they reach lunar orbit, our heroes and the leaders of both
warring armies are invited down to the surface for tea with the
mysterious entity, while D.O.M.E.'s army of Microwave G-Bits holds off
the rest of the SRA and New Federation forces. When they arrive, they're
greeted by D.O.M.E. itself - the remnants of the first newtype, who was
dissected down to the genetic level and stored as computer data for
research purposes. (Sort of like Amuro Ray meets Akira.) Understandably
bitter about this experience, D.O.M.E. is happy to debunk the whole
newtype concept, stating something that should be obvious from all those
UC sequels...

  In short, the concept of "newtypes" is an illusion. They have nothing
to do with evolution, they're not more spiritually advanced, they're not
the harbingers of a new stage in human development. They're simply random
freaks with special powers. (In Gundam X, the arbitrary rules researchers
use to define true newtypes have led them to categorize the telepathic
Frost brothers as "Category F" - fake newtypes. They'd probably enjoy
hearing D.O.M.E.'s thesis.)

  This means that the SRA's cult, and their belief in a spacenoid master
race, is total bunk. (And, by extension, Zeon Daikun was full of it.) The
real future of the human race lies with good-hearted people (like our
heroes, yawn) who have the compassion and determination to build a new
world from the ashes of the old. At Tiffa's request, D.O.M.E. removes her
powers so she can live as a normal human, our heroes leave, and the
villainous Frost brothers seize control of the microwave station and blow
up the lunar base (taking out the New Federation and SRA leaders with it).

  Everybody lives happily ever after.

My thoughts: Well, that actually makes a lot of sense. The point isn't
that newtype powers don't exist - these abilities are amply demonstrated
in Gundam X, and in the UC saga as a whole - but that they've been
misinterpreted. At the end of original Gundam, it looked like Daikun's
thesis might pan out, that people like Amuro and Lalah might be the first
of a new breed of humanity who can evolve beyond war and hatred. But
nobody could say that with a straight face after watching Z, ZZ, CCA...

-- Mark

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