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> 1) Amuro in the Superior Gundam vs. Heero in the Tallgeese III

Amuro. have you seen the weapons compliment in that damn thing? even with
the tallgeese III's shipkilling cannon...the Superior gundam can still
outshoot it...

> 2) Domon in the God Gundam vs. Char in the Sazabi

depends. at long range, I would give it to the Sazabi, but in close combat
fighting, Domon wins.

> 3) Zechs in the Epyon vs. Judo in the ZZ Gundam

Judo. no questions.

> 4) Treize in the Tallgeese II vs. Kou in the GP03

Treize. Kou does not know how to use that MS/MA effectively...

> 5) Cammile in the Zeta Gundam vs. Lalah Sun in the Alpha Aziel

I would give it to camille, but he would be dead after it, not just

> 6) Hayato Kobayashi in a GM Ground Type (8th MS Team style) vs. Visch
>Donahue in a Gouf
> 7) Yuu in a GM Custom vs. Johnny Ridden in a Gelgoog Jaeger
> 8) Garaod in the Double X vs. Wu Fei in the Altron Gundam

again, a question of range...wufei wins at close range.

> 9) Cima in a Jagd Doga vs. Zabine in a Vigna Ghina

depends on how well they can pilot those suits without newtype powers...

>10) Frau Bow in the Gundam F90 vs. Mirai in the Neo Gundam
>11) Dozul Zabi in a Zaku FZ vs. Admiral Tianem in a GM Commando

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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