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>you know, you raise an interesting point.. one of the main differrnces
>between the typical OZ/Alliance pilot's handling of his LEO oand the
>typical fed/Zeon hanlding of thier GMs and Zakus could be more from whre
>they wre coming from.. Leo pilots just charge into a fight, secure a
>good base of fire position and hose thier targets iwth fire... while the
>GM and Zakus who are zipping and dodging all over the place as far as i
>know were former fighter pilots

Good point there too! I now realize that a lot of the UC pilots were
fighter pilots, hence they tend to think in terms of three dimensions when
they fight, whereas armored divisions tend to go for artillery placement
and proper fire positions. If the AC pilots were from armored divisions
or are used to having their MS tower over armored vehicles, then the five
gboys surely would have come as a shock, since the gboys would have been
used to fighting in a space environment, and thus think of their MS as more
than walking tanks...Treize and Zechs, on the other hand, seem to fight
like duelists, or old time warriors, not necessarily soldiers, so it's
conceivable that this shift in perception and thinking makes them all the
more deadly.

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