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Too right, old sport!! I agree 100%!

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>Subject: [gundam] [HUMOR] UC Gundam Fan's rant
>Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 09:16:43 -0600 (MDT)
>In spirit of those "My name is Joe, and I am Canadian" rant commercials
>that Molson did, here we go on the UC Gundam Fan's rant:
>I'm not into bishounen or flashy mobile suits. I don't watch dubs, worship
>Dragonball Z, or own yaoi doujinshi.
>I don't know Heero, Relena or Milliardo from Wing, although I'm certain
>they're very nice.
>I voted for Zabi, not Relena.
>I have V-Fins and a faceplate, not a moustache.
>And I pronounce it "Gundam," not "Gun-Damn."
>I can proudly paint Zion's symbol on my car.
>I believe in prototypes, not superhero's; minovsky physics, not
>And that the Zaku is a proud and noble mobile suit.
>Haro is our master, Christine McKenzie is a babe.
>And its Gundarium, okay? Not Gundanium. Gundarium.
>UC Gundam is the longest running mecha story, the first show with
>realistic giant robots, and the best part of anime.
>My name is Echo|Fox and I am a UC Gundam Fan!
>I don't dislike Alternate Continuity Gundam that much, but I'm sure those
>of us who lean more to the UC side of things have felt like this at least
>once in our lives =) If you're a Wing fan, or are just joining the Gundam
>family because of wing, PLEASE don't be offended. I'm not saying all Wing
>fans are yaoi reading, bishounen worshipping, DBZ fanboys/fangirls, I'm
>just commenting on some people who are :P As such, I challenge one of you
>hardcore Wing fans to do the same =) If you goto www.google.com and search
>for "joe canada rant" you shold be able to find the full text of the
>original rant on the first link, as I recall.
>Oh, and Brian, if you want to use it on the mechadomain, its all yours.
>Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler
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