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In spirit of those "My name is Joe, and I am Canadian" rant commercials
that Molson did, here we go on the UC Gundam Fan's rant:

I'm not into bishounen or flashy mobile suits. I don't watch dubs, worship
Dragonball Z, or own yaoi doujinshi.
I don't know Heero, Relena or Milliardo from Wing, although I'm certain
they're very nice.
I voted for Zabi, not Relena.
I have V-Fins and a faceplate, not a moustache.
And I pronounce it "Gundam," not "Gun-Damn."
I can proudly paint Zion's symbol on my car.
I believe in prototypes, not superhero's; minovsky physics, not
And that the Zaku is a proud and noble mobile suit.
Haro is our master, Christine McKenzie is a babe.
And its Gundarium, okay? Not Gundanium. Gundarium.
UC Gundam is the longest running mecha story, the first show with
realistic giant robots, and the best part of anime.
My name is Echo|Fox and I am a UC Gundam Fan!


I don't dislike Alternate Continuity Gundam that much, but I'm sure those of us who lean more to the UC side of things have felt like this at least once in our lives =) If you're a Wing fan, or are just joining the Gundam family because of wing, PLEASE don't be offended. I'm not saying all Wing fans are yaoi reading, bishounen worshipping, DBZ fanboys/fangirls, I'm just commenting on some people who are :P As such, I challenge one of you hardcore Wing fans to do the same =) If you goto and search for "joe canada rant" you shold be able to find the full text of the original rant on the first link, as I recall.

Oh, and Brian, if you want to use it on the mechadomain, its all yours.

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