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> I thank you all for helping me with ideas and stuff for my fanfic. And
> now.....the return guessed it...the Useless Fights!
> 1) Amuro in the Superior Gundam vs. Heero in the Tallgeese III
Amuro, of course. The TG3 isn't enough of a match for the Superior Gundam
that Amuro's newtype abilities would come into play.

> 2) Domon in the God Gundam vs. Char in the Sazabi
Haven't seen G yet, so its hard to say. Newtype abilities do give an edge,
and the Sazabi is one of the two greatest newtype MS's ........

> 3) Zechs in the Epyon vs. Judo in the ZZ Gundam
Haven't seen the ZZ in action in double zeta yet, so I'll pass. I do
belivee the ZZ has enough longrange weaponry to keep the Epyon at bay,

> 4) Treize in the Tallgeese II vs. Kou in the GP03
Treize takes Kou down early in the battle, but overcome by grief because
such useless people are being forced to become soldiers, he self
destructs. Tie.

> 5) Cammile in the Zeta Gundam vs. Lalah Sun in the Alpha Aziel
Camille has a nice MS and mad angst on his side, while Lalah is a powerful
newtype. I'd have to give this one to Camille.

> 6) Hayato Kobayashi in a GM Ground Type (8th MS Team style) vs. Visch
> Donahue in a Gouf
Don't recognize the names. Assuming they're approximately equivilent
pilots, I'd give it to the Gouf, just because what Norris did with it in
that one episode of 08th impressed the hell out of me.

> 7) Yuu in a GM Custom vs. Johnny Ridden in a Gelgoog Jaeger
Johnny Ridden

> 8) Garaod in the Double X vs. Wu Fei in the Altron Gundam
Hmm, rough call. Wu Fei is a much better better pilot, and the Altron is
reasonably deadly at short range, but the Double X is insanely powerful.
Assuming Garoad can keep his distance he should be able to win.

> 9) Cima in a Jagd Doga vs. Zabine in a Vigna Ghina

> 10) Frau Bow in the Gundam F90 vs. Mirai in the Neo Gundam

> 11) Dozul Zabi in a Zaku FZ vs. Admiral Tianem in a GM Commando
> I got a few others...but work on these for now.......
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> Seig Zeon!!!!!!!!
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